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Open Water Swimming Sessions I & II

Will return in 2021

Coaching Triathlon with Barry Stokes

Coach Barry is featured in the most recent episode of the Louisville Cycling Podcast to discuss the Louisville Triathlon community, Ironman Louisville, and the dangers of algea, among other things!

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USAT Partners with Pure Spectrum CBD

In January of 2018, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) approved the use of CBD both in and out of competition — it is not a banned substance. Since it was approved, hundreds of athletes, coaches, club directors and race directors have reached out to me to ask what products they can trust, so we conducted a comprehensive vetting process and carefully made the decision to partner with Pure Spectrum. Many of our athletes and coaches are already taking, actively exploring, or are simply curious about CBD and the possible benefits it can provide to endurance competitors.

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Very excited to announce a new sponsor!

The Magic5 Goggles

The Magic5 custom swim goggles. Save big! Contact Barry for the discount code.

The Magic5

Spinergy Wheels sponsor!

Spinergy Wheels - 35% off with Custom Wheel design options! The FCC 4.7 is perfect for Triathlon training and race day. The FCC 3.2 is a great option for both training and race day with a bit less rim depth.

Spinergy Wheels

Thank you Coach Barry. It was great to get your tips and to see your and your team out on the bike and the run. Keep up the great work impacting and helping people like you helped me!

– A.R.

Just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. I couldn't do this crazy sport without you! Thank you for being out there always encouraging me, guiding me and supporting me.

– C.W.

This would not have been possible without you! So thankful!

– M.B.

Thanks Barry! You got me through!

– M.S.

Barry, I dedicate this medal and my AG placing to you! You seemed to know just when to call, check in on me of give me just the right advice...! My first trail race, "Hotter Than July 10K" was a success. Your advice and voice played over in my head and got me through much calmer and actually giddy! Thank you for being the best coach ever! I will forever consider you my coach, mentor and friend.

– B.E.J.