A BarryS Coaching Swim Workout

Swim Workout Focus: Endurance & Negative Splits

by Mike Jotautus

warm up

distance description rest/interval
300 50 SWIM, 50 DRILL, 50 KICK x 2  


distance description rest/interval
12 x 25 3 drill/1 swim

DRILLS: 6-kick-switch (roll completely on your side)
12.5 scull/ Catch Up (arms shoulder-width apart)


main set

main set (repeat 2 times)

distance description rest/interval
6 x 200
  • R: 45 between each 200
  • "Broken" 200s: 100 swim - R:10 - 100 swim

What to work on: breathing to both sides; in an open water race you may encounter waves or a current/tide that will prevent you from breathing to one side or the other. On this main set choose to breathe to the same side of the pool going in both directions (i.e. breath towards the scoreboard end of the pool on every length). Or, every 50 or 100 choose to breathe only to the left side or right side.

bonus set (speed work, fins optional)

distance description rest/interval
2 x 25 "Sprint" w/ Fast SR (Stroke Rate) R:10
1 x 50 EZ/Recovery R:30

cool down


total = 2500

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