A BarryS Coaching Swim Workout

Swim Workout Focus: Drafting

by Mike Jotautus

warm up

distance description rest/interval
1 x 200 Swim, long and easy  
6 x 50 25 scull, 25 swim (high elbow catch) R:10-15

main set

distance description rest/interval
12 x 100
  • 1st 50 draft off partner(s), 2nd 50 pass your partner(s)
  • In your lane, one person leads and the next/other people follow and stay in the draft for the first 50. After the turn, the follower accelerates to pass and get in front of the leader.
  • Ladies, use fins to keep up with your male teammates in your lane if necessary.
1 x 100 EZ  

drills/stroke rate/speed

distance description rest/interval
12 x 25
  • ODDS: "Dolphin Dives" (in a shallow pool, practice race start/pre-open water exit)
  • EVEN: Jump off bottom of pool 8-10 FAST strokes, then EZ, then 8-10 FAST strokes to wall/finish
R: 15-20

cool down


total = 2100

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