A BarryS Coaching Swim Workout

Swim Workout Focus: Increasing Distance per Stroke

by Mike Jotautus

The focus of this workout is increasing Distance Per Stroke (DPS); the amount of distance covered within each arm stroke or pull. We started with some drills and counting the number of strokes it takes to swim 1 length of the pool and used this number as a reference. In the main set, the goal was to decrease your time on each of the 50s, but maintain the same stroke count. The end goal is covering more distance at a faster speed using less energy, the perfect tri-fecta for finishing your swim leg feeling fresh in T1.

warm up

distance description rest/interval
2 x 150 100 swim/50 catch up  


distance description rest/interval
4 x 25 side-glide kick (use fins if necessary) R: as a group, 10 sec apart in lanes
2 x 50 DPS (Distance per Stroke) Swim R: 15
4 x 25 "Hesitation" / "Shark" Drill R: as a group, 10 sec apart (use your kick)
2 x 50 DPS – Count strokes per length R: 15

main set

(repeat 3 times)

distance description rest/interval
4 x 50 Descend 1-4, keep same stroke count on all four R: 20
1 x 150 EZ/DPS (Distance Per Stoke) or Catch-Up R: 15
2 x 25 Hard/Fast KICK R: 45

cool down


total = 2000

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