A BarryS Coaching Run Workout

Run Workout Focus: 30 Sec. Race Paced Efforts

by Barry Stokes

The purpose of this run workout is to increase foot speed, leg turn-over & RPM´s and provide the opportunity to run fast with full recovery between efforts. We use this run in our training plan 1 time per week this time of the year. Insert this into your weekly run training for a couple of weeks and check back

SAFETY FIRST: Remember to run on the left, facing traffic and make yourself visible to oncoming traffic by use of reflectors, flashing lights and a head light. Do you have a RoadID?

warm up

activation drills and a 5 minute warm-up

main set

  • 16 x 30 second race pace efforts (next goal race pace)
  • 2 minute walk/run recovery between efforts. RPE should be 5 - 8 or H/R should be high zone 3 - mid-zone 4.

cool down

5 minute cool down walk/run. Remember to stretch following this run.

total = 50 minutes. Adjust the number of 30 second race pace efforts to 12 and it becomes a 40 minute run.

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