Professional Bike Fitting by Hal Riedling

Hal Reidling

Hal Riedling

Bike Fit Specialist


Certified by SICI (Serotta International Cycling Institute)

Hal Riedling is one of only seven SICI-certified professionals in Kentucky. Hal is an expert at finding the best fitting bicycle for your recreational or racing needs.

A professional bicycle fitting session with Hal is recommended for individuals who:

  • Want to ride more often or longer but are prevented by discomfort or injury
  • Enjoy group rides and wish to increase performance
  • Want to return to cycling but body and fitness level has changed over the years
  • Feel fine on a bike but want to ensure proper bike setup
  • Have purchased a new or used bike and want a professional fit

Every cyclist has his or her own unique biomechanical elements which guide the fitting process. Style of riding, fitness level, flexibility, and cycling goals are all important factors in bicycle fitting. Selecting the correct bicycle size is only the first step.

He interviews riders about their specific riding issues to pin point problem areas that can be addressed by a better fitting bicycle. Once the correct frame is chosen, Hal places riders on a trainer to observe riding style and to dial in everything from saddle height and fore-aft saddle position to handlebar size, reach and drop, stem length and angle, tri-bar positioning, brake hood position and cleat position.

After the initial fitting has occurred, the cyclist takes their newly fitted bike out for a few weeks of real-world testing. Once the bike is deemed perfect by the rider, the bike is then measured and their individual fit numbers are provided in electronic form.

Hal worked for Bicycle Sport for 10 years and is an avid road and mountain biker. From the Midwest to the West, he has been riding roads and advanced trails for 28 years. His personal experience riding provides Hal unique insight into the needs of cyclists in many different cycling venues. Hal’s professional consultations have provided his many customers greater cycling satisfaction and increased performance.

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