A BarryS Coaching Cycling Workout

3 Minute Tempo, 3 Minute Recovery

by Barry Stokes

warm up

5 minutes

main set

Shift into a higher gear and commit to a strong 2 minute effort. RPE s/b 4 - 6, h/r zone should be solidly in zone 2. Initially recovery efforts should last 3 minutes in an easy gear, high cadence (90- 105 RPM).

The first few times this workout is done you should do 10 x 3 minute sets w/3 minute recovery. As fitness levels increase, first increase the number of sets, up to 12.

Then begin to increase the duration of the efforts working your way up to 5 minute efforts w/3 minute recovery.

Eventually, decrease the recovery time and continue to increase the number of sets.

cool down

5 minutes

May include 2 - 3 sets of 1 leg drills (30 seconds per leg w/2 minute high cadence recovery between sets).

total = 75:00

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