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So it's the off-season, now what?

by Barry Stokes

  1. Take a deep breath and make a list –
    1. Goal Races for 2018
    2. Do an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses
    3. Create a plan to strengthen your weaknesses
    4. Create a plan to maintain your strengths while improving your weaknesses
    5. Time Management
  2. Goal Races for 2018
    1. What distance race(es) do you realistically have time to train for?
    2. How much disposable $ do you to invest in your races
      1. Disposable $ can determine your goal races
    3. How many races will you compete in during 2018?
      1. Which races will be A, B & C races? They can't all be A races!
      2. ii. You can't effectively train and race every month of the season
    4. If you plan to do 70.3 or IRONMAN distance races – get a Coach!
  3. Strengths and Weakness Assessment
    1. Swim, Bike, Run, Sport Specific Strength, Flexibility, Mental Strength Development
      1. Rank - Which do you enjoy the most to the least
      2. Which can you improve on your on?
      3. Which do you need help to improve? (i.e. Skill Development – swimming)
      4. What is your budgeted $ to skill development?
      5. Research experts and invest wisely
  4. Create a Plan for Strengthening Weaknesses
    1. Find help to improve your Weaknesses
      1. Swim Skill Development
        1. Swim Video Analysis
        2. Join a group swim program
        3. Swim Specific training plan?
      2. Bike Power & Strength
        1. Bike video power & video analysis
        2. Indoor trainer rides
        3. Bike specific training plan
        4. Bike technique development
      3. Run Technique, Speed & Power
        1. Run gait video analysis
        2. Run specific training plan
        3. Join track workout program
      4. Sport Specific Strength & Flexibility Program
        1. Group sport specific strength development
        2. Flexibility program (Yoga) sport specific
        3. Critical to implement for injury prevention!!
      5. Mental Strength Development
        1. Sport specific webinars
        2. Books related to mental strength development
        3. Yoga – inner peace
        4. Meditation classes
      6. Time Management
        1. Achieved through realistically applying
          1. SMART Goals
          2. Hiring a Coach to manage training
            1. Schedule
            2. Hours
            3. Sport specific training blocks
  5. Going into 2018 without having focused on all the above is having wasted another year!
    1. Need help swimming – get started immediately.
    2. A day without focused work is a day closer to the 2018 season and a day wasted away.


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