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Heart Rate vs. RPE Conversion Chart

by Barry Stokes

Check out this chart to compare heart rate and RPE.

* see the glossary for definitions
  zone power (% of FTP*) H/R (% of FTHR*) Rate of Perceived Effort(3-20) Effort Level
Recovery 1 <55% <72% <6 VERY EASY – You should be working and sweating but not a big effort. It should be very easy to carry on an uninterruped conversation
Easy Endurance 2 56-75% 77-83% 7-11 CONVERSATIONAL – An effort you can sustain for an extended period of time without fatigue. Slightly interruped conversation.
Medium Endurance 3 76-90% 82-94% 12-14 STRONG, NOT BREATHLESS – Effort is strong but sustainable for an extended period of time. Comparable to half-marathon or Half-Ironman® Pace.
Threshold 4 91-105% 95-105% 15-17 HARD – This is your maximum steady, sustainable effort. You should be able to hold this for several minutes. Not a comfortable pace.
Power 5 106-130% >106% 18+ VERY HARD – This is an effort or speed you can hold for only several seconds to a very few minutes. This zone includes all high end speed work.


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