2018 Ironman Louisville Athlete Recap – Ron Gregg

On the Ironman Louisville Bike Course

The delayed start and shortened swim course certainly eliminated any swim butterflies, but the long wait meant I was frozen, even after my swim. T1 was a mess and longer than the swim, with bare bums everywhere. Trying to stand and get on warm clothes took forever. The bike was cold. I had very heavy gloves and never got cold fingers. Long sleeve running shirt under Barry's Coaching Jacket kept torso warmish till Bike Special Needs where I added a mylar sheet to stop wind and rain. Legs NEVER warmed up and toes froze, even with toe covers. At special needs I inserted chemical warmers on top of the toes and that helped a bit. The road was wet so took care on all corners and fast downhills. Making sure I drank and ate was a challenge, but I had an alarm on the bike computer that beeped every 15 mins so I kept those on track.

The run was OK temperature wise. I started out too hot (not fast), but dumped Beanie and extra pants along the way. Of course it was wet and everything was soaked, but I never was cold. The major lesson was I was under trained because of some restrictions on long rides and runs over the summer. So follow Barry and Mike's plan. While a challenge, finishing was incredibly welcome and rewarding. Now figuring out what's next… Time is a great amnesiac!

— Ron Gregg

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