2018 Ironman Louisville Athlete Recap – Mary Jones

Coach Barry and Coach Mike:

I wanted to take a moment to tell you both thank you for the training camp you held in July. I was so grateful to have done that so that Sunday I knew what to expect and how to approach the less then optimal day. (I'll never hear Elvis's Kentucky Rain the same again!)

I am sorry I didn't get to see you prior to the race and my friend (sherpa) wasn't able to get out to the tent to give you the Dare to Care contribution - so I am sending it via USPS - I am also sending as promised the Springsteen Show from Perth on 1/27/17 for Mike's enjoyment.

Thanks for being out on the course - it was good to see friendly faces. It's funny I really felt strong and prepared for this race and was looking forward to a new time goal - but then Mother Nature said - Oh Really???? Anyway, if I had not been prepared as well as I was, I may have had a different result...

...I hope all of your team athletes had a successful day and were safe. Once again thank you for the camp - at the time in July we appreciated it - on Ironman Louisville Sunday we appreciated it 1000x's more! Keep up your fine work and Barry I hope your injury heals quickly!

I have a friend who signed up for 2019 so hope you will still have the camps and I may be able to travel down with her and take part in the camp again - its good training!

Thank you again!

— Mary Jones

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