2018 Ironman Louisville Athlete Recap – Jennifer Brey

I got very lucky because I was a sponsor entry and I was standing on the docks when the race official told the pros the race was delayed and the swim was shortened. I went back to my family and put my warm clothes back on to wait. I am also in the tiny minority of athletes who was upset the swim was shortened. The current was so fast it was like swimming in the log flume at King's Island. The bike was very tough in those conditions (low 50s and drizzle). The key was preparation with regards to gear and special needs. I finished the bike about an hour slower than I planned, but I finished.

My riding outfit all summer was either a short sleeve jersey or tri kit, and my Ironman outfit was a weatherproof undershirt, long sleeve bike jersey, and long sleeve windbreaker. Shoe covers, wool socks, and long finger gloves were a must. The rain had slowed to a mist on the run, and I was able to keep a solid pace the whole time. I got to see Mike and Barry 4 times through the run, and it was awesome seeing my coaches and teammates cheer me to the finish!

— Jennifer Brey

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