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Open Water Swimming

BarryS Coaching TriMasters Swimming is proud to again in 2019 offer our annual Wednesday 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Weekly Open Water Swim Program.

For 2019 we will offer 3 x 6 week Open Water Swim Sessions. Register for Session I, Session II, Session III or all three.


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TriMasters Swim Squad Sessions – at MTMAC

SUNDAYS – Technique + Light Endurance
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
TUESDAYS – Technique
6:30 - 7:30 a.m.
10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
THURSDAYS – CSS/Threshold Dev.
6:30 - 7:30 a.m.

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TriMasters Swim Lessons

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TriMasters 1-2-1 Video Analysis

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TriMasters Swim Articles

Tackling Open Water

by Jessie Halladay and Mike Jotautus

One of the common fears that sometimes holds people back from racing is swimming in open water. But with some practice and preparation, fear of open water can be overcome.

Coach Mike has five things that he believes will be helpful for athletes who are starting to think about open water swimming. continued…

How to Swim Faster

by Jessie Halladay and Mike Jotautus

Juggling all the training required for a triathlon isn't easy, especially when also trying to balance it with time for family and friends as well as work.

With limited time for each of the three disciplines, triathletes often find themselves wondering how they can devote the time they need to become faster swimmers. continued…

3 Keys to Improve Your Triathlon Swim

by Jessie Halladay and Mike Jotautus
By training your weakness as a triathlete, you get to race your strengths more effectively.

At TriMasters Swimming we match our season and training cycle according to the North American triathlon season. Continued…

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TriMasters Swimming

Back in late April when I first met Mike, I was winded after swimming 25 yards. A few weeks ago I finished my first Olympic Triathlon including the 1500 meter swim! I could not have done that without Mike and the support of Barry’s Coaching! While I was not the fastest in my wave, I felt prepared and confident when I was in the water. From day one, Mike and Barry have been welcoming and made me feel like I was part of the team. I would recommend Barry’s Coaching to anyone considering their first triathlon!

– Ken K.

IRONMAN Louisville

…Thank you so much for all your help, encouragement and hugs! You really made this day work for me! You are a great coach and an incredible person. You really helped me become an Ironman today!
– Jane G.

Barry's IMLOU BIKE Viewing

Directions/More Info

Y'all it's a Party Ironman RUN Viewing Party

We will be watching the run from 3th and St. Catherine Street on the West side of the intersection. Look for our BarryS Coaching Flag and our BarryS Coaching/John Kenyon Tent.

More Information

Offical IMLOU Athlete Guide

2018 Ironman Louisville Athlete Guide

*NOTE: External link. Hard copies will not be available on site. Follow the link to download PDF to your mobile device or print a hard copy.

Barrys IRONMAN Louisville Bike Course Review

PowerPoint, 22.5 MB

Coach Barry presented the above information on race day mental strategies and a review of the IRONMAN Louisville bike course and how to tackle each segment.

Barrys Official IRONMAN Lousville Presentation:

IRONMAN Louisville – Manage Your Brain. Manage the Course.

PowerPoint, 18.6 MB

Coach Barry Stokes was invited to speak after the official IRONMAN Louisville pre-race meeting. Here is his PowerPoint presentation containing mental coping skills and detailed information on the IRONMAN Louisville course not found anywhere else.

IRONMAN Louisville Webinar

Coach Barry and Coach Mike presented a Webinar for First time IRONMAN athletes on the official IRONMAN site.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation file available for download:

Download POWERPOINT File - 13MB

Audio available here registration required

IRONMAN Louisville Bike Course Video

Follow the yellow dot as it makes it's way through the IRONMAN Louisville bike course. The Relive video is a satellite view and elevation profile of ONE LAP on the course. Video is 1:15 in length.

Relive Bike Course Video

The IRONMAN Louisville Swim

Our own Coach Mike Jotautus has uploaded a time-lapse video of most of the swim course. The video is 1:58 in length and covers from near the start to beneath the second street bridge (the last bridge on course).

view video

Sighting Tips for the Swim Course »

Predict Your IRONMAN Swim Time

… or any distance for that matter

Last week I worked with an athlete who had an I'd be happy if… goal of completing the IRONMAN swim in 1:45. Continued…

Louisville Tri Club

2018 Whiskey 70.3 & Bourbon 140.6 IRONMAN Tour

First Time IRONMAN Athletes

Join us for 2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga, Olympic Tri Louisville & IRONMAN Louisville

Registration is OPEN and Space is Limited!

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Personalized Triathlon Coaching

BarryS Coaching Personalized Triathlon Coaching for Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman® or Ironman® triathlons, or single sport pursuits is structured to fit your goals, lifestyle and work schedule.

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…The best decision I made in my road to the Ironman was connecting with BarryS Coaching and starting a coaching relationship. Their training plan was intense but tailored to help me overcome my weaknesses and maximize my strengths. They provided the type of attention and advice necessary so that I felt strong and ready when I toed the start line for the first time. They…turned me into a real triathlete. I'll always be grateful to the great people at BarryS Coaching for helping me achieve my dream of becoming an IRONMAN.
– Julio D.

Simply the Best Coach and Coaching Team around: BarryS Coaching Barry Stokes. Couldn't have done my IM 70.3 with out him!!!!

– B.A.J.

News & Social

USAT Compete Clean Campaign Launched to Expand Anti-Doping Efforts

Programming focuses on education, awareness and accountability for age-group athletes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — USA Triathlon has increased its investment in anti-doping efforts for age-group athletes as part of an initiative launched earlier this year with support from the USA Triathlon Board of Directors. Read the press release

Moab Happenings

Coach Barry quoted in the September issue of Moab Happenings paper. Read the article [PDF] »

September 2018 Moab Happenings

View the entire paper here

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The 5 Yoga Poses that Will Help You Lose Weight

As a yoga instructor and strength coach, my job is to help athletes become stronger and healthier, and one of my favorite methods is using yoga to encourage continued health through consistent movement. Continued… (Courtesy

So it’s the off-season, now what?

by Barry Stokes
  1. Take a deep breath and make a list –
    1. Goal Races for 2018
    2. Do an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses
    3. Create a plan to strengthen your weaknesses
    4. Create a plan to maintain your strengths while improving your weaknesses


Questions When Selecting a Triathlon Coach

by Barry Stokes

Meet face-to-face with the Coach; Sit down with the coach to discuss your goals and their current schedule. Can the Coach match the Athlete’s wants and needs? where does the Athlete fit in? Is the Coach willing to meet for a face-to-face sit-down interview? Continued…

Why Should I Hire a Coach?
- Part 2

by Barry Stokes

A Barry's Coaching athlete is quoted as saying; I know how to workout, but I don’t know where, when and how to fit workouts into my life to get the best from each effort. That’s what I hired you to do. Continued…

Way to Go Mike!

Our very own Coach Mike Jotautas will be heading to Perth, Australia in January as one of only 9 coaches from around the globe selected for the Swim Smooth Coach Certification Class led by head coach Paul Newsome.

The time in Perth is just the beginning and full-certification as a recognized Swim Smooth coach will take up to an additional 6-12 months of hard work and dedication post-Australia. Upon completion of the training, Mike will be one of only three Swim Smooth certified coaches in the U.S.

Follow Mikes adventures Down Under on Facebook

Swim Smooth: The World's Most Passionate Swim Coaching!

Which Beer Are You?

This chart answers that age-old question for cyclists

Why Should I Hire a Coach?
- Part 1

by Barry Stokes

A triathlon coach plays a wide variety of roles in their Athlete’s training life. The first part of this 2-part article will hit on a few of the roles a competent Coach plays throughout the training and race season. Continued…

Strength Training for Triathletes

by Wes Griffin, Proformance Coach & Trainer

Look I get it; you’re an endurance athlete so strength training isn’t for you. You’re too busy running, biking, and maybe even swimming already. Plus, you run the risk of being too sore for those workouts from lifting weights, right? Continued…

Finishing Ironman Easier than Finishing This Ironman Story

By John Boel

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - They are fast, chiseled, thirsty, crazy and for the most part, the people who try the Ironman Triathlon are on the shy side of retirement age, with two good wheels.

Not coach Barry Stokes. Continued…

What is Your Weakest Link?

by Cara Gains

Triathlon is defined as an athletic contest consisting of three different events, typically swimming, cycling, and long-distance running. Although there are three distinct sports to triathlon, few of us truly love and enjoy all three equally. Continued…

FINIS Swim Gear

BarryS Coaching is very pleased to announce we are now a provider of FINIS swim gear. Call, Text, E-mail one of our USAT, Ironman and USMS Certified Coaches to receive our 20% off discount code when next you need to order high quality swim gear! Visit the FINIS website for a look at all the products offered. Two of our favorites are the Agility Hand Paddles and the newly introduced EDGE Swim Fins. Good Swimming!

FINIS - Simplify Swimming